Roses are red

Deliveryman just brought these roses to my office room. I have no idea who sent them. The mysterious person, thank you for the wonderful birthday bouquet. I guess the number of roses equals to my age :P


  1. Replies
    1. Saihan bsaan. Gehdee gertee ochood toolson sarnainii too minii nasnaas negeer iluu bsan, kkk. Ugsun eznii huvid ih olon ezen garch irsen. Bi ch ugsun geed l,kkk

  2. Hehe tiimuu. Jinhene ezen chimeegui l ajiglaj suugaa baih daa! ilchleh baisan bol anhnaasaa ingej chimeegui ilgeemj yvuulahgui bsan baih. Neeree Happy birthday!


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