Blue Jasmine

Finally I watched one movie from my wish list. It was Blue Jasmine. I don't know why I was so anxious and thoughts whirling around my head while watching this movie. I guess I was way too much concentrated into the movie. I totally understand Jasmine's situation and how she feels. Some how I was in same situation with her. Not really same but similar. It was so sad that Jasmine lost everything. But she had many faults. At least she should have finished her college or at least had some computer skill or at least had some savings. Some of the audiences may blame her for the confession of her husband to FBI. It could happen if someone really shocked. I like to mention a quote recently
"Expect anything from anyone,
Devil was once an angel."

It means if an angel was really shocked and totally lost, it can behave like a devil. That's it.
A lesson learned from this movie is women shouldn't depend on anyone and anything especially on men and their wealth. They don't know when the men /actually not only men it could be friends, family and who else we have trusted/ dump them. They should have ability to deal with own life!!!


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