All Pretty...

Here are some of my presents received in last half year.

POSTCARDS FROM MALTA - Cordina /chocolate/
My bestie brought it to me from Malta. These are too cute to eat :)

  • Triumph camisole. My another bestie brought it from Japan.
  • Swarovski Crystal Compact Mirror. My mommy gave it to me.
  • Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne from my brother.

L'occitane Cleansing Gel from my bestie.

Rest of them I bought to myself

  • A Pretty Pastel Pink Notebook from Queen of Spades AKA Гилийн хатан
  • Swarovski Crystal Ball Pen from my colleague. She said "Please write with this pen when you wear your white jacket" :))

A Pretty Spoon from Moscow. My colleagues brought it to me.

CrystoCraft Sunflower - It is so cute :) The person who gave it to me said "Please open the box and you will definitely love it". I liked this one and said "Yes, It's so cute. I like it". And she said "Please remember me when you look at this sunflower".

Cherry Blossom in Washington D.C. Magnet from my brother. This magnet reminds me someone in Washington D.C. :)

A book from my former boss in honour to my new position

Thanks to all the people who gave me all those pretty things :)


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