Recently received presents

Jewellery Box from Saint Petersburg. My mom brought it to me. Actually I supposed to ask her to bring a blue Matryoshka doll. I was a little bit shy to ask  and couldn't tell her :P Funny me :)
L'Occitane Cherry Princess Body Care Collection plus a cute little pouch. You have already seen them here  :)
"Kharkhulangiin bugj" novel, Breakfast at Tiffany's DVD.
Finally my birthday wish for the last year completed after more than a year. Thanks to my friend Uigarjin for always caring my wishes :) ありがとうございます。
I met some architects from Japan the other day. One of them gave a pair of straps to me. He said that this strap is his own design. Love these sakura patterns so much.
Presents from Paris
Pure DKNY A Drop of Rose Eau de Parfum, key chain, postcard
Matryoshka doll from Moscow. My brother brought it to me just day before yesterday. This time I also couldn't tell my wish to my brother and sent him a message "Could you bring a blue Matryoshka doll, please?" :P


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