20130430 The earliest birthday present ever :)

My friend called me to have a cup of tea. But she made a big surprise for me. Here comes her surprise :)
Cherry Princess perfume and body care collection and plus a very cute pouch :) Cherry Princess is limited edition collection for Valentine's Day. I heard that inspiration for this perfume was French Princess Hortense de Beauharnais – daughter to Queen Josephine. That's why following story was written on the box.
...Once upon a time, there was a princess with a beautiful porcelain complexion. She would blush in response to any compliment, her cheeks taking on the colour of ripe, mouth-watering cherries. As the seasons changed, she loved to contemplate the cherry trees, their white blossoms giving way to shiny, juicy fruits...
Thank you so much, my dear friend Bolor :) I am so much happy to have a wonderful friend like you. Love you so much :)


  1. Сайхан найз амьдралын хамгийн том бэлгүүдийн нэг. Ирж буй төрсөн өдрийн мэнд хүргэе ;)

    1. За баярлалаа :)
      3 долоо хоногийн өмнөөс бэлэг сэлт, мэндчилгээ аваад эхэллээ :)


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