Feels like Friday

I supposed to write this post yesterday evening. But ended up falling a deep sleep. Yesterday evening I was feeling relaxed like Friday evening and thinking about some strange things as follows because my busiest day of a week was over.

My birthday is coming soon. Should I write a birthday wish list as I did last year or shouldn't I ? Why not?
Here comes my birthday wish list,
1.  I wanna escape to Japan for a couple of days. But I know I can't manage this time :(
Anyway a good thing is this birthday will be the special one to celebrate at home with my loved ones. For five years I wasn't here in Mongolia during my birthday.
2. I hope my last birthday wish will come true before the next one. But I know this is almost impossible :(
3. I wish cherry blossom in UB will bloom during my birthday and I have some nice photos.
One of my friend asked me to come to US to chat with him under cherry blossom tree, hehe. Unfortunately,  I didn't have time to go there.  But I was so happy for his invitation and dreamed a beautiful cherry blossom garden at that night :)
4. A new perfume. I already chose "Cherry Princess" as my new perfume for 2013. It smells so good and its name sounds magical :) My friend said that Cherry Princess is very you and she will buy it for me.
5. A new job. I really really want to change my current job. I hope I will find a nice job which is hundred times better than my current one. 


  1. My birthday is coming soon too, and our dreams are almost the same. hehe :D

    1. Really? Hope all your wishes come true :)


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